Just Green Organic Herbal Surface Cleaner gives extra bright results on all washable hard surfaces (Wood, Marble, granite, etc.) thanks to its special structure that provides spotless and fast drying. It purifies the dust while cleaning the surfaces thanks to the raw materials of vegetable origin and does not leave any toxic harmful substance residue. In this way, you can provide the safest cleaning for your children and animal friends.
Provides a healthy and safe cleaning for your babies, children and you.



It consists of plant-based and mineral raw materials.

Dermatologically tested.

Our products are hypoallergenic.

It does not leave any harmful residue.

Optical brightener, phosphate and paraben free.

Colorant or synthetic perfume free.

GMO raw materials and gluten free.

Perfume and dye free.

Does not contain ethoxylated surfactants contaminated with cancer causing (1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide).

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